Celebrity Art Collectors

ARTINFO published this article on Celebrity Art Collectors last Spring. Yes, I was happy to see Beyonce and JayZ in the picture, and can tell you about Venus Williams’ amazing physicality at Miami’s Art Basel last December!

Who else collects art in the celeb world? I did a few triple takes when I saw Brad Pitt at Switzerland’s Art Basel last summer, but there he was, plunking down respectable amounts of cash for a sculpture. James Franco is a respectable PhD no less, with ultra-contemporary taste in art that include video and digital media. Everyone knows about Barbara Streisand’s collection, auctioned off last year because it was time to refresh things. Other celebs include Michael Jackson (collected Koons), Metallica’s Lars Ulrich (Basquiat), Lady Gaga, David Bowie (Balthus), Jennifer Aniston (Motherwell), and Hugh Grant (Warhol) and on …

It’s not surprising they collect fine art. As artists themselves, one imagines they develop a sophisticated appreciation for all the arts, including visual art.


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