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We hope you’ll enjoy our content, comment and share your thoughts with us.

ARTINTELLIGENT is an e-zine featuring smart intelligent posts on art and culture related interests around the world. We bring stories to you about art fairs and the celebs that attend them, the dealers and international collectors, the mega-artists, the designers, and even news about what the art world is considering or should consider. News and headlines will showcase what’s hot. Educational features will address topics such as careers in art, collecting, terminologies and services related to the world of fine art.

We’ll discuss other matters that interest us too – design, epicurean delights, fashion, luxuries, philanthropy and travel – in popular culture and the esoteric. After all, a world without an exotic dream now and then is pretty boring, wouldn’t you say?!

Thank you for visiting us.



  1. Welcome ArtIntellligent! Love the platform and idea!

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