FIAC 2011 Fischer

Urs Fischer. Miss Satin, 2006-2008. Aluminum. 340 x 257 x 220 cm. Presented by Eva Presenhuber

Urs Fischer was born in 1973 in Zürich, Switzerland. He lives and works in New York and Zürich. This large-scale aluminum sculpture originates from a small, hand-formed clay model. Traces such as palmar lines are still partially visible on the metal surfaces, narrating a process of creation that could not be more elemental and, at the same time, more arbitrary. Due to its monumental size, the work oscillates between abstraction and figuration, somewhere in the no man’s land between specificity and universality, between concrete formal individuality and a superordinate category. Thus, when asked about his latest body of works, the artist uses terms such as “archetype” or “brutishness”. Urs Fischer searches constantly for the unknown and, in doing so, touches the very core of his own creativity.


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