Le Meurice

Dining at Le Meurice…wait! Dining! This is an art site, right? Right, but dining at Le Meurice (sigh…) is such a beautiful experience it belongs here.

Le Meurice, dining room

Le Meurice established in 1835, and inspired by the Salon de la Paix at Château de Versailles, the restaurant’s decor was reinterpreted by Philippe Starck in 2007, and can be said to be an invitation to a unique rapture. While the 17th century “grand siècle” style decor is based on three paintings dating from 1905 to 1907, its current clientele as well as historical patrons speak for its significance in Paris.

Housed in the hotel, Le Meurice, its story begins in 1771 in Calais, where upper-class British travellers on their way to Paris would arrive after crossing the Straits of Dover. An enterprising Charles-Augustin Meurice (1739-1820), welcomed travelers to French shores, putting them up in his Calais coaching inn and arranging rides to Paris aboard his coach service. A 36-hour trip, Meurice built a second coaching inn in Paris in 1817 to welcome the weary travellers upon arrival. Le Meurice moved in 1835 to its present site, one of the most fashionable locales in the city, overlooking the historic Tuileries Garden.

Today’s epicurean adventure is hosted by Chef Yannick Alléno’s three Michelin-star cuisine, described as modern and audacious for its richly subtle and varied menu. Served with precision and without extravagance, the menu is faithful to true flavours and excellently presented. “I try to think of what people will like” says the personable Yannick Alléno, who visits individual tables just before serving the dessert course. Chef Sommelier, Estelle Touzet, conveys her precious advice in tasting exquisite wines…

Chef  Alléno himself, designed new concept tableware a private label collection of serving dishes designed to enhance the dining experience. A chef’s tour must include the champagne bar and a refrigerated wine cellar, containing 616 bottles. The oldest bottle is a Château Cos D’Estournel 1928 Saint Estèphe and the most recent one is a Romanée Conti Grand Cru 2004. Last but not least, the Chef’s table placed in his kitchen… You certainly won’t get bored!


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