FIAC 2011 Dorote

Antoine Dorotte. Una misteriosa bola, 2011. Zinc, steel, wood. Diameter: 5 m. Presented by ACDC, Bordeaux

Antoine Dorotte was born in 1976 in France. Una misteriosa bola is a sphere covered with scales, which seems like it may belong to the animal realm, but whose imposing diameter and the material used — zinc — gives it an architectural resonance. The sphere is an evolving sculpture/engraving, with its part-animal partvegetable appearance, somewhere between a scaly anteater and a giant artichoke. The zinc changes colour depending on the installation and the environmental and climatic conditions of the site. The metallic membrane of “la bola” is thus subject to various transformations and irreversible metamorphoses: processes that testify to an entropy at work.


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