Come Together

Fabio Paris Art Gallery is proud to present Come Together, the gallery’s second solo show by Gazira Babeli, curated by Domenico Quaranta. In a single work, the show traces the career of the first artist to use the virtual world as a setting for performance art and be recognised as a real artistic identity.

Come Together made its first appearance in April 2007, on occasion of Collateral Damage, the retrospective presented at the Exhibit A Gallery in Odyssey, Second Life, and consists in a white pedestal that visitors to the exhibition were free to climb onto. Once on this “magical platform”, their bodies were “possessed” by a piece of software that forced them to perform various dance moves. As other visitors joined in, the work became a unified, animated Baroque sculpture, an installation in the shape of an ongoing, interactive performance.

In actual fact, Come Together is neither one nor the other: it is pure code, software that can be and has been deployed by Gazira Babeli on a number of occasions, before being exported out of Second Life and converted into an independent work, featuring 15 avatars engaged in a dionysiac dance with an infinite series of possible combinations. Once outside the circumstantial dimension of Second Life, Come Together can be seen for what it is: a software artist’s contribution to the history of Western sculpture.

In the exhibition the project is presented in some of the forms that a software work, by definition fluid and mutable, capable of adapting to different contexts and interfaces, can take. Alongside documentation of the original performance, which was staged in a public area involving spectators, visitors can see the software itself and a digital print taken from it.

Gazira Babeli ( lived and worked as an artist in Second Life (SL) from 2006 to 2010, playing an active role in the creation and development of Odyssey, the main artistic community in SL. Alone or in collaboration with the collective Second Front, she has exhibited at museums, festivals and galleries all over the world, including: Performa, New York 2007; Prague Biennale 4, Prague 2009; National Portrait Gallery, Canberra 2009; Kapelica, Ljubljana 2009; MU and Baltan, Eindhoven 2010; Platforma, Moscow 2011.

For the exhibition, LINK Editions is reprinting the book Gazira Babeli (with texts by M. Gerosa, P. Lichty, D. Quaranta and A. Sondheim) published in 2008 on occasion of in the artist’s first solo show in the gallery. For further information:

via Alessandro Monti 13 – 25121 Brescia – tel. 030 3756139 – Skype: fabioparisbs


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