NYU Abu Dhabi Faculty positions in Film and Media Production

I know this won’t make us seem too intelligent…but who knew NYU had an Abu Dhabi campus?! Now we all know.

NYU Abu Dhabi is recruiting faculty of international distinction, committed both to building a pioneering liberal arts and science college of unparalleled quality and creating a vital center of world-class research.

NYU Abu Dhabi, through its NYU Abu Dhabi Institute, is a world-class center of cutting-edge research, scholarship, and cultural activity. Situated at a strategic hemispheric crossroads in a rapidly evolving city, the Institute offers outstanding facilities; research funding at a significant level and with exceptional continuity of support; and a vigorous, cohesive, and interactive intellectual environment.

The Institute creates singular opportunities for leading faculty members from across the arts, humanities, social sciences, sciences, engineering, and the professions to carry out creative scholarship and conduct research on issues of major disciplinary, multidisciplinary, and global significance. Reinforcing its primary research mission, the Institute also hosts academic conferences, workshops, lectures, film series, performances, and other public programs directed to both local audiences and the worldwide academic and research community.

For a full list of faculty positions and application information, please click this link.

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