Love in Black

Regardless of how suitable, I am determined to bring home a bottle of Creed’s perfume, Love in Black, and wear it. Inspired by the dark-haired beauty of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Love In Black smells of flowers and spice, and contains fragrance notes of Violet, White Violet, Clove, Cassis, Musk, Iris. Packaged in a decadent black bottle, and embellished with the perfumer’s coat of arms, its scent is expensive, rare and special.

While Creed perfumes don’t rank as the most expensive or greatest scents in the world – such distinction has been said to belong to Jean Patou’s Joy (created in reaction to the 1929 Wall Street crash), it is without question, a luxury brand.

The House of Creed was founded by  James Henry Creed in London in 1760 as a tailoring establishment. It rose to fame during the middle of the 19th century under Henry Creed as tailors and habit makers for the fashionable, such as the Count d’Orsay, Queen Victoria, and the Empress Eugénie, issued the firm of Creed & Cumberland a Royal Warrant for tailoring articles. Breakthrough success came in the mid-1980s with the avant-garde fougere Green Irish Tweed which was composed by Olivier Creed and Pierre Bourdon who would later create the closely related Davidoff Cool Water, the paradigmatic scent of the 1990s. Creed also has other high-profile creations in its catalog such as Angelique Encens, originally created in 1933 for the Bishop of Paris.


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