Top 3 Corporate Collections

The top three corporate collections are owned by UBS, Deutsche Bank, and Progressive Insurance. UBS Art Collection. Why do corporations collect art? It seems, even large corporations want to put something on the office walls (seriously), per Jacqueline Lewis, the UBS curator for the Americas. The idea of creating interesting and stimulating environments for clients and […]

International Limited-Residency MFA in Photography

Apply online or call for application. Priority deadline is January 14, 2012. The limited residency MFA in Photography at the Hartford Art School is an innovative program designed for both mature individuals with established experience in the field as well as recent graduates who wish to further their own practice and acquire an MFA degree in order […]

Mills College: MFA program in studio art

Mills College’s MFA program in studio art provides artists with both a formal and a conceptual foundation in contemporary art.  Mills’ interdisciplinary community of artists provides the perfect setting for the development of a personal practice and professional engagement in contemporary artistic dialogue. In the context of a small liberal arts college, students receive individual […]

UNICEF’s Digital Drums

UNICEF has promoted international protection for children all over the world as long as I can remember. Growing up, we were honored occasionally with visits by various UNICEF ambassadors. These are cherished memories. This morning, a story caught my attention, causing me to whip my head around in sheer admiration for philanthropy and technical ingenuity. I confess to […]

Call for Applications MFA

SVA Art Practice: Call for Applications Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts Preferred Application Deadline: January 15, 2012 MFA Art Practice School of Visual Arts 209 East 23rd St New York, NY 10010 212.592.2781

Gertrude Stein

Today, we joined a private tour led by Janet Bishop, Assistant Curator at the SFMOMA, for the exhibition, The Steins Collect. Ms. Bishop’s insights into the collection and stories of the Stein siblings and their lives was intelligent, humorous and captivating. Presented in chronological sequence, the exhibition offers a rare glimpse of life with Leo […]

Terms of Art

Have you been in a conversation about art, and someone tosses a word… and all of a sudden, you’ve gone from articulate sophisticate to, “Huh? Uhhh… (whassat?!)” Such an awful feeling (we know you’d never say, “Whassat?!”). For example, the Renaissance. Yes, your father was a Renaissance kinda guy by his buds, but Renaissance is a […]