Dungeness Crab (oh, happy face!)

The reigning crab of the West Coast, Dungeness are rolling into the Pier in full throttle now in the Bay Area. Although the large crustaceans get their name from the Northern port town of Dungeness, Washington, these hard-shells are very much a San Francisco thing. Swan Oyster Depot doles them out in pure form: cold, cracked and […]

Ruinart Champagne

I have a particular fondness for champagne, one of those rare alcohols that I’ve finally learned to appreciate. As a budding connoisseur, a neophyte, I could not resist the launch by Ruinart Champagne’s application for the iPad and the iPhone. Details follow along with a visit to the heart of Reims. The truth is my […]

Phone apps for the food obsessed

Your mother told you name calling was a very bad thing, but here, we thought you wouldn’t mind admitting to your secret membership with the food obsessed. And in that light, ahem, we are sharing the very cool article written in 7×7 Magazine about the latest and coolest phone apps for our little fraternity (or […]

Thanksgiving Dinner with a Michelin Star

étoile at Domaine Chandon (Napa Valley) is a great place for a classy but cozy Thanksgiving dinner. The grounds at Chandon create a perfect setting for holiday photo ops, while the cuisine at Etolē rivals any restaurant in Napa Valley. If you’re a champagne lover, you’ll enjoy plenty of bubbles, but they’re not afraid to pour Napa wines […]

Le Meurice

Dining at Le Meurice…wait! Dining! This is an art site, right? Right, but dining at Le Meurice (sigh…) is such a beautiful experience it belongs here. Le Meurice established in 1835, and inspired by the Salon de la Paix at Château de Versailles, the restaurant’s decor was reinterpreted by Philippe Starck in 2007, and can be […]