Gabourey Sidibe

Will we lose Intelligent cred for putting a movie in today’s issue? We think not. Last night, reeling from overabundant Thanksgiving feasting, we were at short ends for the evening. More work was out, the kitchen was clean, family and guests all packed up and on their way to wherever, and leftovers parceled out to […]

Art Film: United States Premiere of ‘Gerhard Richter Painting’

This year’s Art Film, selected again by Zurich film connoisseur This Brunner, will be the United States premiere of ‘Gerhard Richter Painting’ by Corinna Belz. ‘Gerhard Richter Painting’ presents an intriguing portrait of the artist Gerhard Richter at work. Shot primarily during the spring and summer of 2009, when Richter was working on a series […]