Liz Taylor auction at Christie’s NYC

NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP).- From the colorful, couture frocks worn during her two weddings with actor Richard Burton, to the dazzling ruby and diamond Cartier jewelry set, a gift from her third husband, film producer Mike Todd, “The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor” on display at Christie’s auction house in New York tells a passionate story, spanning seven husbands […]

Ferrari: Elite Status

Ferrari! Say it. No matter how Ferrari sounds rolling off your tongue, it conjures images of magical big-boy toys speeding down the freeway whipping wind in your hair – sun in your eyes – no care in the world. Red. Fantasy, unmentionable wealth. Sex. Power. Beauty. Technological mastery. Or, simply parked in front of billions […]

Love in Black

Regardless of how suitable, I am determined to bring home a bottle of Creed’s perfume, Love in Black, and wear it. Inspired by the dark-haired beauty of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Love In Black smells of flowers and spice, and contains fragrance notes of Violet, White Violet, Clove, Cassis, Musk, Iris. Packaged in a decadent black bottle, and embellished with […]

Ruinart Champagne

I have a particular fondness for champagne, one of those rare alcohols that I’ve finally learned to appreciate. As a budding connoisseur, a neophyte, I could not resist the launch by Ruinart Champagne’s application for the iPad and the iPhone. Details follow along with a visit to the heart of Reims. The truth is my […]

Christie’s announces sale of an Iberian Private Collection Part I: Important Gold Boxes & Objects of Vertu

A George II gold snuff-box By Francis Harrache (fl. 1738-1754), marked, with the London date letter for 1757. 3 in. (76 mm.) Wide, 5 oz. (167 gr.). Estimate: £50,000-70,000. Photo: Christie’s Images Ltd 2011. LONDON.- Christie’s announces the upcoming auction An Iberian Private Collection with Part I: Important Gold Boxes & Objects of Vertu on 8 December […]

Lumière | Closin’ Up the Ritz

The marble fountain sang. The waiters moved with elegance and grace. The sun softened the sharp edges of the late October afternoon. The outdoor terrace at the Ritz was open for tea. It could have been perfect. But the sandwiches were soggy and the scones chewy, and the linen napkins were ever so slightly a darker off-white […]

Christian Louboutin

He makes those very sexy high, high heels with the lipstick red soles. Everyone knows you’re wearing his shoes (and what you paid for them), as soon as you’ve walked by. Christian Louboutin (pronounced [kʁis.tjɑ̃ lu.bu.tɛ̃]) (b. 7 January 1964, Paris, France) is a French footwear designer whose father is cabinetmaker Roger Louboutin and homemaker mother Irene. […]