Lumière | Closin’ Up the Ritz

The marble fountain sang. The waiters moved with elegance and grace. The sun softened the sharp edges of the late October afternoon. The outdoor terrace at the Ritz was open for tea. It could have been perfect. But the sandwiches were soggy and the scones chewy, and the linen napkins were ever so slightly a darker off-white […]

FIAC 2011 Dorote

Antoine Dorotte was born in 1976 in France. Una misteriosa bola is a sphere covered with scales, which seems like it may belong to the animal realm, but whose imposing diameter and the material used — zinc — gives it an architectural resonance. The sphere is an evolving sculpture/engraving, with its part-animal partvegetable appearance, somewhere […]

Le Meurice

Dining at Le Meurice…wait! Dining! This is an art site, right? Right, but dining at Le Meurice (sigh…) is such a beautiful experience it belongs here. Le Meurice established in 1835, and inspired by the Salon de la Paix at Château de Versailles, the restaurant’s decor was reinterpreted by Philippe Starck in 2007, and can be […]

FIAC 2011 Mercier

Mathieu Mercier was born in 1970. He lives and works in Paris. His work, which often involves the appropriation of everyday objects, is inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s ready-mades. In works which question the standardisation of our contemporary societies, he frequently employs industrial materials such as melanin, chipboard or Plexiglas. A minimalist heritage is also apparent […]

FIAC 2011 Almendra

Wilfrid Almendra confronts the utopian forms of the New Babylon project by Dutch artist Constant Nieuwenhuys with those of suburban neighbourhoods and peri-urban zones. Nieuwenhuys’ New Babylon — which remained in project form – is the map of an ideal city in which humanity must be reformed on new foundations. Built in a vertical fashion […]

FIAC 2011 Fischer

Urs Fischer was born in 1973 in Zürich, Switzerland. He lives and works in New York and Zürich. This large-scale aluminum sculpture originates from a small, hand-formed clay model. Traces such as palmar lines are still partially visible on the metal surfaces, narrating a process of creation that could not be more elemental and, at […]

FIAC, Paris 2011

Paris’ FIAC week is the most important art fair in France, attracting exhibitors and visitors everywhere. For the uninitiated, FIAC is the Foire International d’Art Contemporain (English translation: International Contemporary Art Fair). It is the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, dinner at the Ritz, a night out with the Rolling Stones, an evening of Wynton Marsalis. It’s Chanel, Rolls-Royce, Smart, and Rolex. The best, finest, new […]